Oakmarsh Chesapeakes
Oakmarsh Chesapeakes

Marli - Devonshot Jamaica Beach of Oakmarsh

Where it began - Oakmarsh foundation dogs

'Marli', Devonshot Jamaica Beach of Oakmarsh (Lux Ch Devonshot Horse Ghost X Arnac Bay Volta at Devonshot), was our foundation bitch. Born on 21st October 2006. She was Our Dogs and CBRC Top Show Puppy 2007. She gained her KC Stud Book Number, qualifying her for CRUFTS for life. She gained her single RCC as a Veteran, and would have been Top Veteran in Breed had there been a competition for it. 

Marli had two litters, 5 grand litters; two from her daughter 'Tia', Oakmarsh Acorn, and 3 from her son, 'Rana', Oakmarsh Assateague of Cheselbay - both of whom have their KC Stud Book Numbers, and two great grand litters; out of her grand daughter Fennel, Oakmarsh Chestnut.

At CRUFTS 2010 the judge, Breed Specialist Janet Morris (Penrose), gave Best of Breed to 'Teague' Devonshot Indian Goes Brave (Arnac Bay Wessex at Devonshot X Cavelero Frisky Business). 

She remarked that if there was a prize for best coat then Marli would have won it! We subsequently mated Teague to Marli, thus he was our foundation sire. Teague went on to gain three CCs and become a Show Champion, with very limited showing.

Marli was a fantastic pigeon / partridge dog, happy to retrieve whole fields of shot birds to the game bag!

Teague was a great beating / picking up dog, working on shoots in Dorset, he was a remarkable game finder, used to sweep the heavy cover and water for any birds missed by the first retrievers.

They passed their ability, attitude to work and great temperaments on to their children, and we are striving to keep this along with the fantastic, classic Chesapeake coat that Marli herself had.

Tia passed her Gundog Club levels 1 and 2 as a puppy and subsequently became my beating / rough shooting / all round dog, she has such a positive attitude to her work, definitely my 'right hand dog'. Brother Rana spent his first season dogging in and then beating (2012/13), joining the picking up team, in Dorset, for the 2013/14 season. Tia and Rana are now both Veterans, they both have their KC Stud Book Numbers, Tia is currently on two CCs and three RCCs, Rana is currently on four RCCs.

Marli passed away peacefully at home on 13th October 2019 after a brief illness, one week shy of her 13th Birthday. Teague also passed away in 2019, just shy of his 13th Birthday.

Photos of Marli


ShCh Devonshot Indian Goes Brave


'A' Litter

3rd September 2010


Devonshot Jamaica Beach of Oakmarsh

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